Where Are We Going On The Trek?:   

Kaibab National Forest – Near North Rim

The location is approximately 99 miles from the Stake Center to the trail head where we’ll unload the handcarts.  We’ve mapped the trek to cover a total of 13 miles.  The 13 miles is symbolic to a 1% scale of the 1,300 miles trekked by the original Pioneers. 

The area is in  a very large conifer forest.  In fact, the Kaibab National Forest is the largest free standing conifer forest in the country.

Kaibab National Forest is also home to the Grand Canyon!

The area is beautiful, with an elevation of over 7,000 ft.  The trail is in good condition, all gravel and almost entirely shaded by tall Ponderosa Pine trees.  The days will offer pleasant temperatures; 70's likely.  It is doubtful we will have any trouble with heat exhaustion.   Night time will certainly be nippy!!



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Prep Tip:

Start preparing for the trek NOW by taking daily walks.  Start by walking 15 minutes 3 times a week.  After a month, increase your walks to 30 minutes 3 times per week.  Be sure to use the "Monthly Events" Calendar as your guide.  For tips on preventing blisters, CLICK HERE


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