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Music Suggestions For Treks & Trek Firesides

It may take time for this page to fully load.  Click the arrow play button to listen.  Some are only samples and only play about 60 seconds.  Others play all the way through.

Go Bring Them In

  Arrival In The Valley - Reprise

  Come Come Ye Saints

  Prayer of The Walking Child

  Handcart Song

  Every Breath - Journey Toward Zion Jenny Phillips

  When We Meet Again - Journey Toward Zion Jenny Phillips

  Walking With Christ - Reprise - Journey Toward Zion Jenny Phillips

  Rescue Me - Journey Toward Zion Jenny Phillips

  Lay It Down  Journey Toward Zion Jenny Phillips

  Come  - Journey Toward Zion Jenny Phillips

  He Moves Mountains - Journey Toward Zion Jenny Phillips

  As Sisters In Zion/ Army of Helamen EFY Medley we played this in the background for the trail devotional the morning before our women's pull.  It played while one of our young women read a narrative about the Pioneer woman who wrote the song... she, together with her sister and their challenging experience of survival as the trekked West.  You will find this narrative on our site (http://handcart-trek.org/planningkit.html ) in the 'trail experiences' section - journal excepts.  Also includes a young man's narrative which was read during the Army Of Helaman.


We also suggest "Trek - Nashville Tribute To Pioneers  Click Here To Listen To Samples  - Visit the Album At Amazon


Hoedown dance music suggestions from Martin's Cove:

Download 1  with caller

Download 2 with caller

Download 3 without caller

Download 4 without caller



Hoedown with Variety and a Modern Twist













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Prep Tip:

Start preparing for the trek NOW by taking daily walks.  Start by walking 15 minutes 3 times a week.  After a month, increase your walks to 30 minutes 3 times per week.  Be sure to use the "Monthly Events" Calendar as your guide.  For tips on preventing blisters, CLICK HERE

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