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Providing Handcarts in Utah, Arizona, Idaho, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Oregon, Wyoming and other locations.

Our handcarts have been featured in movies (Trek - The Movie), Temple Square, in shows at the LDS Conference Center, in International Films and Of Course Treks !

Handcart Locations:
Our handcarts are rented all over the Western United States (including: Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, California, Texas, New Mexico and Wyoming). And our handcarts were featured in shows at the LDS Conference Center during the Draper/Oquirrh Mountain Temple Dedication Ceremony. And will again be featured on Temple Square during the Christmas Light Season.

We have handcart rental outposts in Orem, Genola, Heber Area, and St. George Utah. Handcart delivery and pick up arrangements can be made, but you must call Greg at 801-360-3919 for arrangements.

Trek Permits:

Securing a permit to trek on National Forest land is free and the process may appear intimidating at first, but really, it's simple (we've been dealing with such permits for over 25 years, so we know). The permit treks will need is a special use permit for non commercial groups. For a complete guidance how to obtain a USDA Special Use Permit for Non Commercial Groups, go to:



Handcarts and Trailers

Phillips Handcart Company currently has 85 handcarts available for stake or ward groups to rent for pioneer handcart treks. Each handcart box is four-feet wide by five-feet long by 16 inches deep (larger and deeper than most), glued for strength, routered for smoothness and built as authentically as possible. The handcarts are specifically designed with pioneer treks in mind and we've built them for durability and strength. The wheels for the handcarts are wooden and crafted authentically. The axels are strong 1 1/8 inch instead of the weaker, smaller sizes axels which are often used. Additionally, we've lengthened the draw bars for safety in pulling.

Please treat the handcarts with care, each handcart wheel costs $220. Attached to the front of each handcart is a 20-foot cotton rope, allowing several people to pull the cart. These handcarts were built to handle the gear for 10-11 people.

The handcarts remain assembled and require tandem axle flat bed trailer . Trailers can also be rented when renting groups of 10 handcarts. Please ask for special pricing when renting 10 handcarts  with trailer.



Groups will be required to pay for the handcarts and leave a damage deposit for the handcarts when they pick them up. The deposit will be refunded when the handcarts are returned. If there is any damage done to the handcarts, the cost for damage will be deducted from the deposit. The handcarts are available for pick up on Tuesday of the week they are being used and returned by the following Monday unless special arrangements are made with Phillips Handcarts.

To check rates and availability, please call Greg at 801-360-3919



Reservations and Contacts

To reserve handcarts, groups should contact the Greg Phillips at (801) 360-3919  for reservations. Two weeks prior to obtaining the handcarts leaders need to call the Greg Phillips at (801)-360-3919  and confirm pick up and drop off times. When leaders come to check out the handcarts they will receive instructions and review the handcart/trailer safety rules.

Leaders will complete the Handcart Check Out and In Form when they return the handcarts.



Phillips Handcart Company has  rental outposts in multiple locations.  We have an outpost in the Saint George, Utah area, also south of Utah Lake in Elberta, UT, also in Orem and at Strawberry Reservoir.  
Pioneer Trek Information

For more information about organizing and conducting a pioneer trek look under the tabs for Leader Resources & Trek Handbook or related sites.

Towing Requirements




Handcart Rules

1. Handcarts should not be overloaded. They are designed to hold the gear for only 11 people, including clothing, sleeping bags, tarps, cooking equipment, and water.

2. Each handcart has a 20-foot 1 inch rope that should remain attached to the cart during use. Do not allow ropes to drag on the ground. Dragging ropes causes rope damage.

3. No one may ride on the handcart when it is loaded.

4. When stopping the handcart, slowly lower the yoke until it rests on the ground. Do not drop the yoke or it will break.

5. Do not sit or stand on the yoke when it is resting on the ground.

6. Do not run with the handcarts. People can trip and fall under the wheels.

7. Stay away from the wheels. Some clothing, especially dresses can get caught in the wheels.

8. When stopping on a hill place a rock behind the wheels so that the handcart does not roll backward.

9. When going down steep hills, attach the rope to the back of the handcart and have everyone help to slow down the cart. Remember to always keep it under control.

10. Do not pull a loaded handcart sideways on a steep incline (where one wheel is consistently lower than the other). If all the weight of the handcart is shifted to one wheel it will break.

11. No duct tape allowed on any part of the handcarts. Do not cut or carve on any part of handcarts or ropes.

12 Before returning handcarts, remove any strings, bandanas, zip ties, candy (such as gum, taffy) that has been placed on handcarts by your group.

13. Do not allow ropes to drag along the ground.

14. No unapproved or unauthorized river crossings. Ask first!





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