In connection with the trek, we have decided to offer all youth ages 12 - 18 (even if they are too young to trek) the opportunity to earn the trail award.  This is an amazing award which is based on the Duty to God and Personal Progress requirements.  Girls can completely pass off all value experiences for 5 values (a total of 17 requirements) and boys can also pass off 17 Duty to God requirements as they earn the trail award.  Leaders are also encouraged to earn the award.  Many of our weekly activities will focus on completing requirements for the award.  It's pretty amazing that they can get so much done in so little time.  We're giving them 8 months to earn the award.  The kids find that it is easier and more interesting to work toward their Duty to God and Personal Progress requirements this way.  We've come up with a monthly events calendar so wards can plan their weekly activities around the requirements much easier.  It's sort of a 'plug 'n play' way of doing it. 

 To download how these activities coincide with Personal Progress and Duty to God please click here



In order to earn this award you must pass off five activities in the “Remember the Pioneers” category, and three activities in each of the remaining categories, totaling seventeen activities. These activities can be used in earning an Achievement Award, and for Personal Progress, or Duty to God Awards. 


1. ____  Visit a cemetery and learn about a pioneer buried there.

2. ____   Take a walking tour of downtown Saint George and visit the pioneer sites.

3. ____  Learn a pioneer craft, skill, or art that was part of the life of the pioneers. (Dutch oven cooking, knitting, rope making, horseshoeing, weaving a rug, etc.)

4. ____   Young Women: sew the skirt and bonnet you will wear on Trek.

5. ____  Plant a pioneer garden. Plant some of the same things the pioneers planted when they first arrived in the valley.

6.  ____ Give a talk about the pioneers or a pioneer ancestor in Sacrament meeting,  YM/YW, or FHE.

7. ____  Make a list of qualities that the pioneers developed on the trail (ie., faith endurance, humility, charity). Pick one of these qualities that you could improve and strive to develop it between now and the trek.

8. ____  Visit the Pine Valley Chapel, Mountain Meadows Historic Site, or Pipe Springs National Monument

9. ____  Tour the Historical Tabernacle in St. George

10.____ Tour the Jacob Hamblin Home and visit Brigham Young Home

11.____ Visit the St. George Visitor’s Center and see the film Restoration.

12.____ Visit The Mountain Meadows Site and learn its history

13. ____Watch any or all of the following videos: Sweet Water Rescue,  Only A Stonecutter, Legacy, American Prophet, A Legacy More Precious Than Gold (Mormon Battalion), Perilous Journey, Faith in Every Footstep, The Mountain of the Lord, An Ensign to the Nations

14. ___ Read one of the following books: Journal of the Trail, Fire of the Covenant, or another pioneer book as approved by your parents or leaders.

15. ____ Use any art form (sculpture, poetry, song, dance, quilting, etc.) to express our pioneer heritage.

16.____ Go online to and read all of the different quotes of pioneers along the trail.


SERVICE  (3 required)

1. ____ Cook a meal without the use of a modern kitchen and share it with someone.

2. ____  Teach a lesson in FHE about the pioneers

3. ____  Participate in a family, class, or ward service project.

4. ____  Serve as a volunteer at any of the museums or historic parks.

5. ____  Help clean up a cemetery.

6. ____Volunteer for 4 or more afternoons or evenings at a hospital, home for the aged, center for the disabled, welfare center, or homeless shelter.

7. ____Take a non-member or less active member with you to do any of the above items.

8. ____  Visit the grave of an ancestor and clean it up.

9. ____   Spend at least 3 hours giving service outside your family


TEMPLES & SPIRITUAL (3 required)

1.  ____With the help of your parents, leaders or ward family history specialist, search the records to find an ancestor and submit his or her name for temple work.

2.  ____Participate in baptism for the dead, if possible. If not, talk with a priesthood leader about the temple and what it means to be a Latter-Day Saint.

3.   ____Prepare a FHE lesson on patriarchal blessings. If you have not yet received your patriarchal blessing, begin making plans to do so.

5.   ____ Visit the temple grounds weekly for one month in your Sunday clothes.

6.   ____ Read The Holy Temple by Boyd K. Packer.

7.   ____Read three conference talks about temples. Discuss them with a parent or leader.

8.   ____ Place a picture of a temple in your bedroom.

9.   ____ Pray morning and night for one month.

10. ____ Read your scriptures daily for one month.

11. ____ Memorize the sacrament prayers found in D&C 20:77, 79.



1. ____***Research the first member who was baptized in your family. Find related stories. REQUIRED

2. ____ Keep a personal journal for three months. Record your thoughts and feelings about the pioneers you study and the activities you do from this list. Include your feelings about the blessings in your life that come from the result of other’s sacrifices. Write at least once a week.

3. ____ Learn the history of an ancestor or pioneer who crossed the plains or sacrificed for the Gospel. Share the story in  your family, class, or in a Sacrament meeting.

4. ____  Write you life history in 500 words or more.

5. ____ Fill out a family group sheet with one of your parents or grandparents listed as a child.

6.  ____  Earn the Genealogy Merit Badge.

7.  ____  Visit the Family History Library.

8.  ____  Spend 30 minutes online at

9.  ____Invite your grandparents or other senior citizens to share their childhood memories with you. Record what you will have learned in your journal.



1. ____ Hike to the Lone Sequoia Redwood Tree (planted by a pioneer over 100 years ago) located in Browse (north of Leeds) –  Ask Trek Specialists if you need directions or map.

2. ____  Hike the Riverside Walk in Zion Canyon (1 hour easy)

3. ____ Hike to the Emerald Pools In Zion Canyon (2 hours).

4. ____ Hike the Hidden Canyon Trail in Zion (3 hours round trip).

5. ____ Walk for a ˝ hour or more at least 5 days a week for a month (You can rest on Sunday).

6. ____ Run 3 miles in 30 minutes or less, or 6 miles in 60 minutes or less.

7. ____ Train for, and walk, or run in a 5K or 10K race prior to trek.

8. ____ Read D&C 89. Improve your health by developing and implementing a regular fitness program for at least 6 weeks.


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